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28th and Canyon - Bid Pack 2
Bid Date:
1.23.15 5:00 PM
Delivery Method:
Boulder, CO
Estimator In Charge:
Brandon Tripp
In order to establish an IGMP baseline for the hotels, we are having subcontractors involved in the Bid Pack 2 scope of work provide pricing for the 100% Parking Garage CDs including addendum 1 and the 65% CDs for the two hotels.  There will be one additional round of pricing after this to determine FGMP pricing for the bid pack 2 scopes of work.  Only contractors that provide timely pricing this round will be invited for final pricing.  We are requesting pricing by end of business Friday, 1/23/15.  

The following scopes of work have already been contracted: Earthwork, Structural Concrete, Elevators, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Brandon Tripp
Office: 303.216.0420 x139
Mobile: 303.472.2087

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