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Byron White Restoration
Bid Date:
7.29.15 12:00 PM
Delivery Method:
Hard Bid
Denver, CO
Estimator In Charge:
Brandon Tripp
The purpose of this project is to repair/alter an existing U.S. Courthouse utilizing multiple construction disciplines.  The proposed capital project site sits on 2.5 acres and is located at 1823 Stout Street in Denver, Colorado and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The 270,103 gross square foot stone building contains 4 floors, a penthouse, and a below-grade basement level.   The courthouse tenants will not be relocated during the construction of this project.  

While the Byron White U.S. Courthouse was fully modernized in 1992, many of the building systems are becoming worn, outdated, and unreliable.  The fire suppression system, inspected annually, has seen performance decrease with each inspection and while currently sufficient, will likely soon fail to meet acceptable levels and is in need of component improvements.  Several component parts of the system have reached the end of their useful life and at this time no longer meet the current code requirements.  

The mechanical equipment supporting the four historic elevators is outdated and presents potential safety hazards.  A new control and drive system for the elevators will improve the safety and performance of the elevators while also providing substantial energy savings.  

The steam plant, elements of the induction system and fuel tank for the generator are also reaching the end of their useful life.  Modifications to the induction system will allow better control through balancing valves for energy savings as well as the replacement of the steam plant with new gas fired boilers.   

Light fixtures that were installed in 1992 have begun to experience chronic failure issues; in some cases this increases the risk of fire.  This project proposes to replace the failing light fixtures with energy efficient LED fixtures and connect the remaining parts of the building’s lighting system to the building automation system will help improve the building’s energy usage.   

Storm window replacement will also provide the opportunity to address the building’s envelope in terms of energy savings.  The window frames are down to bare wood in many places are in dire need of preservation in order to preserve the original materials.  

The west elevated plaza leaks water into the parking garage and has flooded into the basement of the building in the past causing extensive damage to the flooring.
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