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17th and York
Bid Date:
9.18.14 5:00 PM
Delivery Method:
Denver, CO
Estimator In Charge:
Brandon Tripp
You are being invited to assist in assembling a budget for the upcoming 17th & York project.  The documents are currently at schematic design level and we are asking for subcontractor input.  Upon receipt of this invitation please let us know if you will be able to assist by the deadline.

Description: Five (5) story, 198 unit Residential building located along York Street between 17th and 18th Avenues. The project consists of two (2) levels of Concrete Frame Construction (Type IA)- one level below grade and one level above grade with 251 parking spaces. On top of the podium there will be Four (4) levels of Wood Construction (Type 5A). Residential areas will be located on Levels 1-5. Parking Areas will be located on Level P1 & 1. Amenity Areas will be located on Level 1 & 2. There are 3 elevated landscaped courtyards on Level 2, one containing a pool/ spa, one containing a fountain area and the other will consist of an Exterior Amenity.
Send questions and bids to
NOAA GSA David Skaggs Research Center
Bid Date:
9.26.14 4:00 PM
Delivery Method:
Hard Bid
Boulder, CO
Estimator In Charge:
Kris Nutt
Milender White Construction Co is soliciting proposals from qualified subcontractors for the expansion of the David Skaggs Research Center, Located in Boulder Colorado.  

Project Summary
GSA Solicitation No. GS-08P-14-JB-C-0115
This project is to expand an existing data center at the David Skaggs Research Center (DSRC).  Contractor to perform construction and provide and install infrastructure upgrades: New 470 Ton Chiller, 1 new cooling tower, 2 new 1250 kW generators. The expansion project shall provide all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision to expand the existing date center at the David Skaggs Research Center (DSRC) and provide infrastructure equipment for the upgrade in accordance with the scope of work outline herein, and the RMH developed plans and specifications for the NOAA IDP facility dated 8-22-2014

The following is provided to assist in your proposal preparation:
A. Description of effort: Data Center construction project See attached Scope of Work
B. Job Location: David Skaggs Research Center
C. Subcontractor Proposals Due Sept 26, 2014, 4:00pm.  Contractor Proposal Due Date: Wednesday, October 1, 2014
D. Days for government acceptance of proposal: 60 days
E. Source Selection Type: Lowest Price
F. Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price (FFP) Task Order
G. Magnitude of Construction: $5 Million
H. Period of performance: 180 calendar days.
I. Payment and Performance Bonds: Yes. Please provide breakout price
J. Bid guarantee: Yes. By GC 20% as indicated in FAR Provision 52.228-1.
K. Liquidated damages: No

Minority and Female Participation
Minority Goal: 13.8%
Female Participation 6.9%

Buy American Clause: Yes  

The following documents have been attached
SBU Release Form - Must be completed and returned to Milender White Construction Company
Original Solicitation GS08P14JBC0115
RMH Group Project Drawings - Full set + individual sheets GSA Project Specifications

Please direct all communication, correspondence, proposals to:
Milender White Construction Company
Attn: Kris Nutt
Send questions and bids to
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