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DIA Concourse B PCA Replacement
Bid Date:
6.10.15 12:00 PM
Delivery Method:
Hard Bid
Denver, CO
Estimator In Charge:
Matt Joens
MWCC invites all interested bidders to submit proposals for this project no later than 6.10.2015 at 12:00 pm.  M/WBE contractors are strongly encouraged to participate as there is a 27% participation goal.  Project schedule is 365 calendar days.  Prevailing wages will apply. Project is exempt from state taxes.  Project insurance will be ROCIP.  Questions are due no later than 5/28 at 8am.  Please submit all proposals and/or questions to  

The project consists of but is not limited to the following project elements:  
1.  Removal and replacement of select Pre-Conditioned AIR (PCA) units in 39 locations on Concourse B. 
2.  Provide for stand-mounted PCA units at fifteen (15) locations.  Stands shall be furnished by the PCA manufacturer. 
3.  Modifications to existing unit support to provide the attachment of the new units the existing Passenger Loading Bridges (PLB). 
4. Modifications to the electrical service to the new PCA units at each gate. 
5.  ADD ALTERNATE #1: Provide lump sum cost for: 
· Deletion of hose trolleys, hose reels and multi-section ductwork (fabric and hard duct) to aircraft. 
· Installation new Boom-Air hose management systems on the discharge side of each new PCA unit, attached to the Passenger Boarding Bridge. 
· Include all costs for addition of all necessary equipment and conduit supports, controls, wiring, conduit, and other appurtenances associated with installing Boom-Air units. 
· Revise the requirements for the PCA Units being purchased and installed to include proper circuit breaker that will power the associated Boom-Air unit. 
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